How To Improve Your Concentration Power


We humans could do almost anything if we could bring all our focus on what we’re doing at the moment. If you look at anything with potential power, there will be a tremendous amount of focused energy. Let’s give some examples of using physical laws. A laser is one of the physical tools that shoot the light with concentration. If that energy were shot with a wider radius the effectiveness of the laser would disappear. Even there will be no meaning to that tool like a laser. The laser is a concentrated light that gives meaning to it. 

If we concentrate sunlight using mirrors and lenses. The energy will go beyond your imagination. It could burn literally anything. Hopefully, enough examples are given about the concentration power in the physical world. 

Now, let’s come to humans’ minds. I believe that humans’ real power is revealed within organized and focused thoughts and emotions. An organized thought and emotion is only achievable when your mind is clear of clutters and distraction. 

Imagine your mind as a cup. You can only use it when it is empty. You can not pour coffee when it is filled with something. First, you empty it and then fill it back with your desired drink. If it’s filled with an older coffee, first you need to empty and wash it and then you can use it. 

Your real power is not in your hands, not in your body, and not in your arms. Your real power is your will power. And it can only be achieved when your mind is focused. 

Concentration Technique

The beautiful thing is that you can learn how to gain your real power back. Here are some practical tips that you should take into consideration:

  • Write down all the worries and cluttering thoughts and emotions on a paper. As a modern human being, there are literally thousands of distractions around us that can easily distract our minds from proper functioning. Technology has made the world so small that it can easily fit into the screen of our smartphone. We are consistently getting bombarded by hundreds of thousands of news and attention grabbers from all over the world. 

The way to handle them is first to take a step back and stop consuming news. Remember that the media needs your attention to run their business. They make money out of your attention. Of course, we may not be able to completely withdraw our attention but we can bring it to the minimum level possible. Then bring your attention to our personal and business life. Consciously, be aware of the feelings and emotions that you currently have at the moment. Question each one of them and find out what can be their solutions. For sure, some of them are just made up by the mind and are not as serious as your mind thinks they are. Imagine you are seeing your thoughts from a distance. As Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor and Philosopher 121-180 AD) suggests in his famous book (Meditation) You write your thoughts and emotions that disturb you. In this way, you empty your mind from them. As if you empty your cup of coffee from waste. 

  • Train your mind with the concentration technique. Your mind never stops thinking. It either thinks about bad and unwanted things or about good and positive things. In any case, its duty is to create your reality consistently. So why not choose your thoughts based on your desires and goals?! 

Imagine your mind as your house’s backyard. If you do not choose to plant your desired flowers and trees; it will grow unwanted grass. But it will not be empty. The same goes for your mind. If you don’t plant good thoughts, negative thoughts will grow instead. 

The second step that can empty your mind from unwanted thoughts is to practice concentration techniques. 

Simply sit on a chair or down, any way you are comfortable with. Focus on a dot on a white paper, board, or wall in a meter or more distance. Do it three times or more each time around 10 minutes or more. The numbers are not a must. You can change them in your own way so it fits your needs. 

During the process try to think of nothing. I know it may not be easy for the first trials. But by the time your mind will slowly withdraw itself from cluttering thoughts and emotions. When your mind wanders around, take it back to the dot. Keep it simple and do not force it. Because force negates. At the bottom line, you will feel much better and lighter. That’s because you emptied your mind. Now, your mind is ready to grab anything you put in. Now, it’s time to start your tasks. Your tasks can be reading books, giving an interview, or maybe planning your next moves in your business. 

My Story

Since secondary school, I have been interested in reading. I tried to read a decent amount of books but I couldn’t. I did not want to? Hell no, I really wanted to but all I could do was to read the first few pages of a book. I was either distracted by outside distractions or I fell asleep while reading. Until May 2018, I had a breakthrough in reading book. I found out that the lack of concentration and determination had been my biggest obstacle to my reading skill. 

Since then, I have practiced concentration techniques literally before any type of task. Because it tremendously helped me to enhance my reading skill. I could read around 50 books in the rest of 2018. 

It shocked me. Before I could not finish reading even one book in a year. 

The concentration technique that I showed here played the key rule in my success in reading books. Now I am reading around 50 books every year. This concentration technique not only will help you to improve your reading skills. It helps you to strengthen your willpower as well. I do practice it before doing any type of important task that requires focus. It sharpens your mind to analyze things quickly and efficiently. It makes you determined and consistent. Success is based on how decisive and consistent you are. They are the two pillars of success. 

Your mind is not dumb. There are simply two types of mind; trained and untrained minds. I can understand because I was in the same situation. By daily practicing the concentration technique, you will train your mind to follow your order. Later on, you will be able to stop thinking about undesirable issues. Your mind will follow your suggestions and orders. You own your mind rather you are owned by your mind. 

As John Milton said: The mind in itself and in its own place can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell.

By default, your mind can make hell out of heaven. You need to train it in order to make heaven out of hell. That’s the masterpiece that you can be proud of. Anyone can make things worse. But to make things better is a skill.

The way you think is the way you feel. You have complete control over your feelings because you have complete control over your mind. You must consciously choose your thoughts. Because your thoughts shape your reality. Your future is formed based on the ideas and thoughts you have now.

As Andrew Carnegie said: Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.

The question is, what ideas and thoughts are you holding in your mind? 


To recap; you are capable of training your mind in order to work in your own way, not its own way. 

Your success and personal achievement are largely determined by how powerful your will power is. Will is one of the sixth high faculties (imagination, perception, intuition, will, memory and reason) of humans. 

Those who do not have a strong will power often quit. They make decisions slowly and change their mind quickly. Those who do have a strong will power, make decisions quickly and firmly. They change it slowly (if needed). Your will power makes you stick with your goals till you achieve them. 

This is one of the powerful tools that mother nature’s privileged human beings. 

You can improve your willpower with the concentration technique that I’ve given with all the steps here.
The first step is to eliminate all the clutters from your mind by writing them on paper. This technique has a long history. This technique is mentioned in the book (Meditation by Marcus Aurelius 120 AD). 

By writing down all the clutter, your mind perceives it as those concerns and thoughts are taken care of. It stops thinking about it anymore. 

The second step is to practice concentration. The concentration object can be a black dot on a white canvas or anything else such as a lamp, and other physical objects.

For me, a simple black dot on a white paper gives the best result. 

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