My Story

Reza Taheri


Hello, dear visitor.
My name Reza Taheri. 
Here I will shortly talk about me and my goal.

For a long time I have been thinking about
how to share my experiences and
understanding about life.
Finally, I started to create this website.
Here I will try to share all about self-
development and financial freedom.

Myself was born in a family that did not
have enough knowledge about human mind,
and ultimately about life. So after a long time
of lack of purposefulness, therefore I had
completely lost me wandering around.
Finally I both found me and my purpose
in life.

My family also did not have enough money,
hence I was raised with a poor mentality.
Until in May 2018 that I believed I was
enlightened by reading  You Were Born Rich 
by Bob Proctor.
I believe it is one of the best books in self-
help books genre.

“Readers are leaders. Leader are readers”